LED Lighting Transition Guide


In many commercial or non residential settings lighting can be responsible for up to 50% of the electric bill. LED lighting investments combined with utility rebates and reduction in energy use can lead to real savings, reinvestment in the local economy and stewardship of the planet. Re-lighting projects also lead to greatly improved lighting in the building. 

Remember it is always recommended to Reduce before you Produce. In cases where solar power or other clean energy generation is being considered it is important to reduce energy consumption as much as possible before sizing a clean energy generation system. In addition, distributed generation systems are not necessary to realize significant savings. Energy efficiency measures alone, can largely reduce energy bills.
Important: Currently the utility lighting rebates combined with the energy savings are so favorable operations are realizing very short (months) project payback periods. 

Energy Assessment 

Alliant Customers may order a free energy assessment:
This is not required but could provide helpful info, however keep in mind Alliant Energy is in the business of selling power. On the other hand their energy assessment should include an assessment of energy consumption beyond lighting.
Apply for an Assessment Online OR Call 1-888-267-7516 to request your assessment.|
Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative Members:
Commercial ACREC customers may qualify for a free energy assessment (563) 864-7611 or online
Municipal Utility Customers:
Consider contacting a contractor – see below

Directly contact a contractor to give you a free energy analysis and project cost estimate. The contractor will secure the lighting, install and complete the rebate work.
The CCED can connect you to contractors who are CCED business members and approved by Alliant to do “rebate” work.
DYI: Replace all the lights on your own and complete the appropriate rebate forms
Alliant Linear Fluorescent replacement:
Must be DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified as an LED linear replacement product
May not be combined with delamping rebate
Rebate: $0.50 per watt reduced
Rebates are for existing buildings only​
Rebate Form

Alliant Screw in Bulbs & Fixture replacement:
All replacement bulbs must be ENERGY STAR  or DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified and proof of this is required.
Rebate: $10/bulb replaced​
Rebate Form
Allamakee Clayton Electric Coop Rebates

Important, before tackling LED transition project on your own be sure to review the applicable rebate forms, and the detailed terms and requirements. In addition, the CCED would be happy to meet onsite to review the project or help complete rebate forms.