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The Clayton County Energy District (CCED) is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening our community through inclusively leading, accelerating and implementing the clean energy transition.

our vision

Include Everyone, Electrify Everything, Decarbonize Electricity

The CCED has a three-pronged community building mission:

  • To positively affect the local economy by retaining energy dollars in Clayton County.
  • To slow climate change by promoting wise energy use.
  • To include everyone.

We are Keeping Energy Local & Clean

Clayton County Energy District Members Value

  • Retention and Reinvestment of energy dollars in the local community
  • Clean, renewable, locally owned energy for ALL
  • Sustainable & Wise energy use for the long term health of planet Earth

Program Manager – Joleen Jansen 563.880.7915 or email

In cooperation with and under the mentorship of Andy Johnson, Director of the Winneshiek Energy District

Meet the CCED Board

Joleen Jansen – Program Manager

Joleen lives south of Elkader near the Motor Mill. She and her husband, Jim are parents to three grown children. The couple owns a 9 kW solar array and heat and cools their home with a geothermal heat pump. Before installing their solar array they “reduced before they produced” by doing a total property LED transition and converted most of their appliances to electric.

Joleen created and manages Jansen Products, a local web development business.
In 1986, she earned a B.A. degree in General Science at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, and also graduated from St. Luke’s School of Medical Technology. After a few years of working in eastern Iowa hospital laboratories, as a medical technologist, Joleen began a career in public employment which included stints with the City of Dubuque and Winneshiek County, as an environmental sanitarian and zoning administrator.

Today, in addition to managing the Clayton County Energy District, Joleen has accepted the charge to work as the coordinating coach for new energy district startups in eastern Iowa.  She has always worked to build community as an active community volunteer.

Five or six years ago, Jim and I decided to “go solar” after attending a Winneshiek Energy District solar workshop. It was during that time I learned about the Energy District concept. I remember thinking I wonder if this idea could spread across county lines. One thing led to another and the opportunity to form an Energy District in Clayton County developed!
Working with the CCED, I have found it pretty easy teaching communities about the beauty of our “green meets green” philosophy. Everyone loves the “win win” scenario of emitting less carbon, and saving money on a utility bill.  The question begs, ‘why send hard earned dollars out of the community to pay for energy costs?’ Energy districts are showing people how to reduce energy consumption and paving the road for clean energy generation.
At the same time energy districts understand not everyone can afford roof top solar but that doesn’t mean they can’t save on their utility bill and emit less carbon. Everyone and anyone can create a more energy efficient living and working environment, and we are showing them how to do it. Regardless of socioeconomic status, energy districts prioritize fair access to clean and local energy. The ultimate dream is to have an Energy District in every county in the nation just like the extremely important soil and water conservation districts of America!”

Dr. Jim Osterhaus – Guttenberg – Chair (serving since 2016)

I am a retired dentist and live with my wife, Sue, in Guttenberg. We installed geothermal heat and air conditioning and a solar array in 2007 when we did a major remodeling project on our house. The payback on both projects is complete and we are now reaping the rewards of renewable energy. I serve on the board of the CCED because I have long been a conservationist and I completely agree with the mission of providing clean, efficient, affordable and local energy.

Randy Lenth – St. Olaf – Vice Chair (serving since 2018)

As a city manager and member of a municipal power agency I oversaw municipal utility projects and developed community solar policies. Serving on the County Energy District Board allows me to continue this work and promote solar initiatives.

Elaine Funke – Edgewood – Treasurer (serving since 2016)

Elaine is the Financial Services Vice President at Community Savings Bank. Elaine has help finance numerous solar projects.

Dr. Ken Zichal – Elkader – Secretary (serving since 2016)

Ken Zichal, MD, moved to Elkader June 28, 1978 opening a Family Practice Clinic and working at Central Community Hospital. Dr. Zichal retired after 38 years of practice in October, 2016. He joined the Energy Board as one of the original board members in 2016.

Ron Kaiser – Garnavillo (serving since 2016)

Ron is a retired dairy farmer and a Clayton County Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner. Ron serves on the CCED board of directors because he knows the Energy District is helping residents realize the benefits of energy savings. Energy savings can be both environmentally and economically beneficial! He is especially excited by the advancement in the solar industry and the many applications for individuals, municipalities and businesses large and small.

Tom Klingman – Volga (serving since 2018)

As a co-founder of a local not-for-profit economic development organization for rural communities in NEIA, I have a great appreciation for the large economic impact of Clayton County Energy District. As a long time conservationist, I enjoy the opportunity the Energy District provides to increase awareness and focus on bringing green energy to our local communities.

Kathy Koether – Monona (Serving since 2020)

Kathy is the Elementary Principal at MFL MarMac Elementary School in Monona.

I decided to join the CCED because I had been receiving the board notes and minutes and found the mission, the vision, and the discussions about how to increase energy efficiency in Clayton County to be an outstanding initiative! I have great respect for the current board members and the expertise that each brings to the conversation.
Clayton County is a gem. It offers a wide variety of opportunities. I am passionate about keeping the county “green” and available for future generations. Anything that we can do as citizens to provide clean energy-using alternative approaches such as solar, or wind energy, or other sources, is something that I support and am passionate about. I am hoping that we can find solutions for making Clayton County an energy efficient district and look for creative approaches for saving the citizens and businesses financial expense by looking at these alternative ways to provide energy.


Harry Blobaum – Strawberry Point – Past Chair (2016 – 2019)

I serve on the CCED board because I have a keen interest in alternative energy and energy efficiency. As a member of the Northeast Iowa Funders Network, it was my privilege to gather together persons of Clayton County who might be interested in promoting clean, fair and locally owned electric energy. I am a retired high school math educator, having taught in Neenah, WI. My wife, Elle, and I moved to the Strawberry Point area in 2002. I am privileged to be a representative from Strawberry Point on the board of CCED.

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