Your Community and Your Energy District – Guttenberg

*photo credit: City of Guttenberg, Iowa Facebook page

In our series “Your Community and Your Energy District,” we highlight our partnerships with Clayton County communities.

Guttenberg is an exciting example of how the locally-led clean energy transition inclusively strengthens the community. When energy districts partner with local towns, residents use energy wisely, making them economically and environmentally stronger and healthier. Check out the indicators of our strong partnership and its effect on Guttenberg.

1. Guttenberg residents created the Clayton County Energy District… and beyond! Catch their interview here. 2. At this first-ever CCED Energy Breakfast, we decided to hash the idea of locally purchasing LEDs and swapping them.
3. We partnered to host LED swaps at the Guttenberg Farmers Market and Public Library. Check out the LED economic-impact math here. 4. LED bulbs were delivered to Guttenberg residents’ doorsteps at no cost during the pandemic.
5. Thanks to a grant from Clayton County Foundation for the Future, we delivered 500 LEDs to the Guttenberg Family Resource Center.

6. Guttenberg leads the pack by recycling 100s and 100s of pounds of energy-hogging holiday string lights over the last five years thanks to CCED drop-off locations.

7. The CCED and Decorah Green Iowa AmeriCorps partnered with Guttenberg to help 36 low-income apartments become more energy efficient during the “Lights & Water Kickoff.”

8. The CCED and Green Iowa AmeriCorps teamed up to bring 17 free energy audits to Guttenberg, saving over 11 metric tons of carbon a year.

9. An EV charging station was installed near Guttenberg City Hall thanks to a grant by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation.

10. The CCED coached Guttenberg to become a SolSmart designee by increasing transparency for community members and solar installers. Learn more here.

11. The CCED coached the Guttenberg Municipal Utility into a clean and local energy-centered interconnection and net metering policy.

12. As a result of the new interconnection agreement, a 13-fold increase in local solar ownership has been realized.

13. The CCED provided 25 energy coaching sessions throughout the county and 3 were completed in Guttenberg: Esser’s, Meuser Lumber and the Municipal Building.

14. Check out how our community wins with these IRA Fact Sheets.

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