October 7th is Energy Efficiency Day!!!


Wednesday, October 7th is Energy Efficiency Day 2020. What’s so amazing about energy efficiency??
It saves money. Cuts pollution. & Creates jobs! 

The Clayton County Energy District joins regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, and individuals in celebrating energy efficiency– the cheapest, quickest way to meet energy needs, cut utility bills, and reduce pollution.

Energy efficiency is also an economic engine, amassing a U.S. workforce for nearly 2.4 million by the beginning of this year. Ranging from professional services to manufacturing, installation and construction, these good jobs are local and cannot be outsourced.

Smarter energy use means we don’t have to generate as much power to meet our needs. The Clayton County Energy District makes forward-thinking connections for community members to benefit from energy savings, a stronger economy, reduced carbon emissions, and overall improved community health.

Reducing the energy used by manufacturers, homes, and businesses benefits everyone– especially energy bill-payers. The average household saves almost $500 yearly thanks to efficiency standards that apply to new appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and water heaters alone.

Alliant Energy rebates (ways to save)
Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative rebates (ways to save)

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