Thank you Rep. Finkenauer for supporting the Moving Forward Act

A Letter to the Editor – by Joleen Jansen

I am pleased  Representative Abby Finkenauer is supporting the Moving Forward Act. This rebuilding America’s infrastructure bill will help America get back to work while building a clean energy future for the towns and rural areas of the 1st congressional district. 

Clean energy jobs and customers can be found across the district, but during the pandemic, Iowa has faced major clean energy sector job losses. Since March, estimates Iowa has lost over 5,300 clean energy jobs and nationwide, more than 600,000 in the industry are out of work.  

For Iowa’s 1st congressional district, the Moving Forward Act will deliver highway, bridge, rail, community development, 

housing, broadband, and clean drinking water projects. But most importantly, the Moving Forward Act will help us save money by modernizing our energy infrastructure, building on the successful clean energy tax incentives for consumers and project developers, promoting zero emissions transportation and associated infrastructure, and supporting efficiency measures.

Iowa has led the clean energy transition, and now is not the time to lose momentum. As Congress considers economic relief for affected sectors, I am hopeful the Moving Forward Act can get us back on track to leading the clean energy transition. 

For Iowans, clean energy is a matter of local economics. Our communities are stronger when we use less energy, and ensure its clean energy. With congressional support, we can retain and grow local jobs by leading, implementing and accelerating the inclusive clean energy transition. Thanks Rep. Finkenauer for supporting the Moving Forward Act.