Save Money & Reduce Carbon Emissions for FREE!

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the swap stations are closed but we will now be offering FREE home delivery of LEDs

FREE LED Home Delivery!

In addition to the Clayton County Food Shelf permanent LED light bulb swap station, the Clayton County Energy District now has four permanent LED swap stations located throughout the county. These locations include the Guttenberg Public Library, the Osborne Nature Center, the Edgewood Museum, Motor Mill (in season) and the Volga Public Library. Bring up to four incandescent or CFL bulbs to swap for four energy-saving LEDs, for free! The Clayton County Energy District has an initiative to put 5,000 LEDs into the light sockets of Clayton County. The district is able to locally purchase these bulbs thanks to grants received by the Clayton County Foundation for the Future and by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation.

With this initiative, the county can save roughly $417,500 over the next thirteen years and realize a 4200 metric ton reduction of carbon emissions! How is this possible?

Here is the math:

9W (60W equivalent) LED bulbs last 13.6yrs & cost $14.69 to operate/lifetime

The cost to run 60W incandescent bulb for 13.6yrs =  $98.19 

The difference = $83.50 savings for lifetime of the LED bulb

5000 LED’s x $83.50 = $417,500 savings for Clayton County over 13.6 years


9W LED bulb = 135 kilowatt hrs(kWh) in carbon emissions/lifetime
60W incandescent = 900 kWh in carbon emissions/13.6 yrs

The difference = 765 kWh carbon emission reduction

5000 LED’s x 765 kWh saved = 4200 metric ton CO2e reduction for Clayton County over 13.6 years which equates 10.3 Million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle


A simple switch can make a HUGE impact! Visit these permanent swap station locations during their business hours to receive your free LED bulbs and immediately make the switch to save yourself and the local economy money and energy.