Clayton County Food Shelf Permanent LED Swap Station

The Clayton County Energy District is excited to announce we have received a grant which will further the goal of our residential LED lighting transition project! This year, in Clayton County, we are endeavoring to replace 5,000 non-energy efficient light bulbs with efficient LED light bulbs. This grant, received from the Clayton County Foundation for the Future, includes the funds to purchase 1,000 LED light bulbs.  These specific bulbs will be utilized at the newly established Clayton County Food Shelf Permanent LED Swap Station, in St. Olaf. The 1,000 bulbs will be available for clients of the facility to ensure they are put into the homes of those who need the assistance the most. Clients will be able to swap up to 10 lights bulbs, as long as they bring in their old bulbs for exchange.

 “We are so glad to have received the Clayton County Foundation for the Future grant dollars. This is a ‘green meets green’ effort and in line with our community building mission to facilitate fair access to clean and local energy.  We will purchase the bulbs at local, Clayton County retail outlets and swap them with our most vulnerable residents and hugely reduce our carbon footprint.”
This LED Transition project means 5,000 energy-hogging incandescent light bulbs will be replaced with 5,000 9W LED’s. According to the US Department of Energy LED’s are 75 times more efficient and can be 25 times longer lasting than incandescent bulbs. Conservatively, each LED bulb can result in $5.60 annual savings, which could mean $28,000 in annual county wide energy savings! Also, a 5000 countywide LED transition will lead to a 326 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions. 326 metric ton of CO2 emissions is equivalent to the annual energy use for 39 homes; or 37,0000 consumed gallons of gas. The CCED is also making sure to purchase every LED bulb in the county to continue supporting the local economy.

Any Clayton County resident can look to swap up to four incandescent bulbs for 4 LED bulbs at various county events throughout this next year. Follow the CCED website and social media outlets for details.