About Us

The Clayton County Energy District is a non-profit organization committed to building community. By facilitating a local, clean energy movement, we are, in part, stimulating our local economy and sustaining the planet for our kids.

our vision


We are Keeping Energy Local & Clean

Clayton County Energy District Members Value

  • Retention and Reinvestment of energy dollars in the local community
  • Clean, renewable, locally owned energy for ALL
  • Sustainable & Wise energy use for the long term health of planet Earth

Board of Directors

  • Harry Blobaum – Chairperson, Strawberry Point
  • Dr. Jim Osterhaus – Vice Chairperson, Guttenberg
  • Elaine Funke –  Treasurer, Edgewood
  • Dr. Ken Zichal – Secretary, Elkader
  • Ron Kaiser – Garnavillo
  • Fran Zichal – Elkader
  • Thomas Klingman – Volga
  • Gary Passemore – Monona
  • Randy Lenth – St. Olaf

Program Coordinator – Joleen Jansen 563.880.7915 or email

In cooperation with and under the mentorship of Andy Johnson, Director of the Winneshiek Energy District