Join us at Keystone AEA in Elkader on Friday, February 17th (10AM-2PM) for our:
Energy Burden Relief Open House & Listening Post
1400 N 2nd St NW, Elkader, IA 52043

Energy Burden = annual utility bills ÷ annual income

An energy burden rate above 6% is considered high

Do you need Energy Burden Relief?


Welcoming three new members to our Contractor Network!

We are excitedly welcoming three new members to our CCED Contractor Network. Our network consists of local contractors who can...

ACTION ALERT: LIVE Bills at the State Legislature to RESTORE the promised IA Solar Tax Credits

Iowa Solar Homeowners: Speak NOW in support of bills to fund the waitlist As many as 3,000 residential solar owners...

Our 2021 Positive Impact!

Our 2021 Positive Impact!

2021 was another year filled with positive impact for the CCED! Each month, CCED helps facilitate the Clean Energy Districts...

Personalized Energy Coaching Sessions in Clayton County!

Personalized Energy Coaching Sessions in Clayton County!

In great appreciation to a grant received by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation, the Clayton County Energy District has launched...

2021 Clean Energy Tour for Local Leaders

The Clayton County Energy District’s Clean Energy Tour for Leaders was hosted virtually on November 10th to provide clean energy...

Action Alert: Iowa Homeowners Set To Lose Millions In Promised Solar Tax Credits

Attribution: Andrew Johnson (Clean Energy Districts of Iowa) – edited to reflect Clayton County figures For years, Iowa homeowners have...

Holiday Light Collection Drop Off Locations

Holiday Light Collection Drop Off Locations

 As you are getting out your Christmas decorations this year, be sure to sort out any holiday string lights that...

An EV Charging Desert Transformed!

An EV Charging Desert Transformed!

In 2020, the Clayton County Energy District received funds from the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation (UMGC) to go toward five...

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We are

The Clayton County Energy District

The nonprofit Clayton County Energy District (CCED) strengthens our community by leading, implementing, and accelerating the INCLUSIVE & LOCAL  transition to clean energy use.

By putting boots on the ground in Clayton County:

We positively affect the local economy by reducing energy costs.

We slow climate change by promoting wise energy use.

We include everyone.

LED Light Bulb Initiative

You helped us reach our goal… Thank You!

We put 8,000 LED light bulbs into Clayton County’s light sockets. Over the LEDs’ thirteen-year lifetime, it will save the community $668,000 in energy cost and reduce our carbon footprint by 4,200 metric tons! 


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