Exciting Opportunity + Job Notice

Opportunity Notice:
The Clayton County Energy District is proud to announce that the Clayton County Conservation Department is hiring a full-time Energy District Coordinator. This new position will uphold the shared values of the Clayton County Conservation Board and the Clayton County Energy District Board in conserving natural resources and promoting the general welfare of Clayton County residents.

Position Purpose:
As a permanent, full-time employee under the direct supervision of the Clayton County Conservation Board’s Executive Director, this employee works alongside the Administrative and Environmental Education staff to carry out the daily and long-range work activities in environmental education and natural resource conservation as described in the Clayton County Conservation Board’s mission statement. The work involves clean energy education programming and community engagement focused on energy burden relief, climate stewardship, and clean energy prosperity.

Candidates can review this job description before applying. Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, references, and an employment application to jpollock@claytoncountyia.gov.

Application Deadline: June 14, 2024
Location: Clayton County, Iowa