We’re looking for candidates for our upcoming Extreme Clean Energy Makeover Project!

We are needing an immediate response to move forward with our Extreme Clean Energy Makeover Project! Our funder(s) are excited about the potential this project holds. However, to determine what kind of funding to expect, we need an estimate of the potential energy savings and carbon emission reduction a featured energy makeover household would expect.

Do you think you are a candidate (spend 20% of your income on energy costs)?? Is your home in need of a FREE clean energy makeover?

Energy Burden = annual utility bills ➗ annual income

An energy burden rate above 6% is considered high. Easily find out if you are energy burdened and fill out our simple survey here. Surveys are due ASAP!

Simple Survey Here

More about the project:

Our Extreme Clean Energy Makeover Project will create stories demonstrating the liberating power of energy efficiency and local clean energy ownership. These inspiring Extreme Clean Energy Makeover examples will become model demonstration sites attracting regional news outlets, leaders, clean energy champions, and fellow energy-burdened neighbors wanting to know and repeat lessons learned.

Our Goal: Execute “Extreme Clean Energy Home Makeovers” on two energy-hogging and energy-burdened households by 2025.

The Reason: To inspire others into action.

We are a Midwest energy district movement leader and when smart, clean energy strategies are distributed to everyone, communities are economically and environmentally stronger and healthier.

The clean energy makeovers will include a combination of the following:

  • Energy-efficient building envelope weatherization steps
  • Beneficial electrification strategies like heat pump water and space heating
  • Electrifying appliances
  • On-site solar array installation for the newly electrified homes