Annual Holiday Light Collection Project Underway

The annual Holiday Light Collection is underway! As you are getting out your Christmas decorations, be sure to sort out any holiday string lights that are old, broken, unwanted, or non-LED and bring them to one of our convenient drop-off locations in the county. We’ll ensure they get properly recycled thanks to the Clayton County Supervisors who are graciously covering the cost to recycle these old string lights.

Pictured: Fred Kinne – Staff at Clayton County Transfer Station (High St, Elkader)

Why choose LED holiday lights??

  • LED (light emitting diode) lights look just like incandescent bulbs and are available in the same varieties but use 90% less energy.
  • With no filament, LED string lights (even after hours of use) produce little to no heat making them a safer option as they are more resistant to fire.
  • Old incandescent bulbs offer hundreds of hours of expected life, while the LED equivalent estimates a lifespan of thousands of hours.
  • LED lights are safer, cost much less to operate, last for thousands of hours and emit far less carbon.

Recycled How?
The recycling process is completed by separating the insulating plastic surrounding the valuable copper, brass, and glass. The byproducts are then used to make other objects like new wire, pipes, or pulverized into “fluff” which can be mixed with topsoil for landfill filtration.

Drop-Off Locations