Personalized Energy Coaching Sessions in Clayton County!

In great appreciation to a grant received by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation, the Clayton County Energy District has launched a personalized energy coaching program for the county.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial buildings waste up to 30% of consumed energy. The locally-led Clayton County Energy District (CCED) knows that millions spent on utility costs unnecessarily flow out of Clayton County every year. The CCED recognizes how communities can spend less on energy; communities prosper when energy savings measures are implemented.

CCED Program Director, Joleen Jansen notes the energy district’s objective technical energy coaching programs are cutting local energy spending.

How much energy we need, and how much we spend on the necessity becomes the question. This year, we are fortunate recipients of the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation (UMGC) grant funds. As a result, we are launching a “Personalized Energy Coaching” pilot project for 25 qualifying county businesses and organizations.

The CCED has contracted the services of qualified clean energy coaches Chris Gregorson and Jacob Lucas. The coaches will conduct sessions in (25) local businesses and nonprofit or “for good” operations.

The FREE personalized energy coaching sessions are a $1200 value and will provide:

  • Energy efficiency advice for lighting, and space and water heating
  • A building envelop analysis and appliance energy-use assessment
  • Fossil fuel-burning appliance safety checks
  • Solar, geothermal and other energy-efficient HVAC advice
  • Utility rebate, tax incentive, and cost-share program guidance
  • Connection to the local, clean energy contractor network
  • Follow-up visits will monitor the progress of advised energy-saving projects

The CCED board of directors views this equitable and locally-led community-wide investment as an opportunity to kickstart our volatile post-pandemic job market. In addition, these building updates will reduce waste, improve building performance, and add economic value. Individually, the (25) energy-coached Clayton County entities will experience reduced energy expenses and carbon footprints; and become safer, more comfortable building spaces, ultimately creating more for their mission.

The Energy District hopes for the following residual impacts:

  1. Additional community energy conservation projects leading to broad reduction of energy generation and transmission costs
  2. Stimulation of a clean energy job market
  3. Local investment from retained energy savings
  4. Attraction of new residents to our “clean energy transitioning” Clayton County

Are you a business or nonprofit ready to apply? All you have to do is fill out our form.

Apply for FREE Personalized Energy Coaching

Selected participants will be evenly distributed across the county on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priority applicants will have strong connections to the community, have a large potential for energy load reduction, and demonstrate a need for a FREE personalized Energy Coaching Session.