An EV Charging Desert Transformed!

Early 2020 PlugShare Charging Map

In 2020, the Clayton County Energy District received funds from the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation (UMGC) to go toward five new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the county. The project is officially complete, and Clayton County has been transformed from a charging station desert to a charging station oasis.

Pictured above is an early 2020 PlugShare map. In the heart of the Driftless Region, Clayton County was surrounded by EV charging stations but had little to none itself. The only available charging site in the county was between the service bays at Brown’s Sales and Leasing, on the outskirts of Elkader.



The now complete CCED Public EV Charging Station project has afforded the county (5) dual port level 2 w/ up to 19.2 kW of charging output EV charging stations.  The stations were installed near the downtown districts in Guttenberg, Strawberry Point, Elkader, McGregor, and Marquette.

So why are these charging stations an economic lift for Clayton County?

Tourism is central to scenic Clayton County’s economy. Clayton County’s scenic byways are rated second most scenic in the state, next to Allamakee County. With the growing popularity of outdoor recreation, Clayton County’s tourism industry continues to grow. For example, the intersection of Highway 3 and 13 in Strawberry Point averages 2,800 cars/day, while Highway 13 at High Street in Elkader averages 4,650/day.

According to, EVs will account for about one-third of all global auto sales by 2025. In addition, by 2030, more electric vehicles are projected to be sold than traditional, internal combustion engine (gas or fossil fuel burning) vehicles.

These charging stations attract a growing number of  EV driving tourists, who before the project would have avoided the area because of the EV charging desert.  Each of Clayton County’s five new stations can charge two vehicles simultaneously, and it could take up to 4 hrs to gain a full charge. So while the EV owner waits for their vehicle to charge, they can explore these tourist destinations.

Community Partners

The City Councils of Elkader, McGregor, Strawberry Point, Guttenberg, and Marquette agreed to accept, provide an internet accessible location and install these new stations.

How long & how much?

A Chevy Volt’s battery size is 65kW

The Blink IQ 200 series delivers about 65 miles of charge/hr or 18 kWh/hr

65 kWh x $.49 (Blink’s suggested/kWh price) = $31.85 or

A full charge takes 3.6hrs

The City’s revenue is dependent on the set price of kWh and the utility kWh price.

Pictured (in order): McGregor, Guttenberg, Elkader, Marquette, Strawberry Point