Tell our state to prioritize Iowa’s Solar Credit System!

CCED Program Manager, Joleen Jansen encourages local constituents and solar benefiting business owners to reach out to our state representatives and ask them to prioritize HF221.
If we want the local and clean energy transition to continue, we must reform Iowa’s Solar Credit system. This means that as the Iowa Legislature considers their budget, they must include HF221 in their budget plans. We know our local legislators support HF221 but now is the time to not only say “yes I support HF221,” but to prioritize this bill as they set the 2022 State budget. If this bill doesn’t pass before the close of this session, we will lose a tremendous opportunity here at home.
  1. Solar owned by farms, businesses, households, and institutions keeps wealth in local hands and communities, creating the prosperity that will grow continuously, for generations to come.
  1. This opportunity is threatened by the oversubscription or the almost 3-year waiting list and the pending expiration of Iowa’s solar tax credit in 2022. This pending expiration is despite the federal extension.

  1. HF221 has truly bipartisan support to 1) decouple Iowa’s credit from the federal and continue it 2) pay down the 2-year waitlist 3) raise the annual capacity to meet demand and create even more locally-owned clean energy prosperity.

  1. Ask your legislator to not only support, but to PRIORITIZE HF221, to work with their Ways and Means Colleagues to ensure the bill moves, and is passed, ASAP (if it supports the Governor’s Iowa Energy Plan, she’ll sign it)!

A sample letter is provided here, thanks to the Iowa Environmental Council. We recommend you add to also PRIORITIZE this bill.

Find Your Legislator


Feel free to call these folks and let them know your thoughts also, pass on the word: 

State Senator Mike Kimesh

Legislative Email:
Cell Phone: 563.380.4224
Capitol Phone: 515.281.3371
Occupation: Management/Small Business Owner

State Representative Mike Bergan

Legislative Email:
Cell Phone: 563.380.3974
Capitol Phone: 515.281.3221
Occupation: Accountant

State Representative Anne Osmundson

Legislative Email:
Home Address: 11663 Bell Rd, Volga, IA 52077
Cell Phone: 563.880.8227
Occupation: Small Business Owner