Inspiring Local Businesses & Energy Conversation

On Saturday, April 17th, the Dubuque County Energy District hosted an Eggs for Energy Breakfast virtual event. This event featured Dubuque County Energy District Program Manager Michaela,  Bob Rafferty of Iowa Business for Clean Energy, Owner Mike of Convivium Urban Farmstead (Dubuque), Tim Hitzler of Key City Creative Center (Dubuque), and our CCED Program Manager, Joleen Jansen, along with our CCED Communications Specialist and Textile Brewing Company representative, Ashley Althoff.

Watch the recording!

  • (1:48) Michaela (Dubuque County Energy District Program Manager) introduces Iowa Energy Districts
  • (4:43) Partners in this discussion came together from local, sustainably-minded businesses to showcase their accomplishments in carbon and money savings. Bob from Iowa Business for Clean Energy discusses the advantages and facts of switching to clean energy for business owners.
  • (41:51) Mike from Convivium Urban Farmstead discusses all the sustainable methods their business incorporates in their greenhouse space and day-to-day operations. Some of these methods include proper insulation (even tapping into the ground so they can utilize that stable temperature), utilizing the geothermal run-off from their system, recycling building and insulation materials, passive solar heaters, water catchment, composting of organic matter (turned to compost or fed to chickens rather than sent to landfill), landscaping, and more! All of these methods proving both sustainable and cost-effective.
  • (46:44) Tim Hitzler from Key City Creativity Center in Dubuque discusses his sustainability efforts in his business. As a creative space with a metal shop and woodshop, and overall maker’s space utilized by many small business owners, Tim applied for a grant with the Dubuque Metropolitan Solid Waste Agency to host a material drive (Sat, Jun 12th & Sat, Aug 14th: 10a-1p), along with host a waste minimization workshop (Sat, June 19th & Sat, Aug 1st: 1-2p).
  • (50:53) Ashley Althoff represents Textile Brewing Company to discuss their sustainability efforts. As a new owner of solar and a recent receiver of the “Gold” Awarded Iowa Green Brewery Certification, Textile is providing a positive example for others in the area. Incorporating sustainability in their day-to-day operations and energy-use is saving them large amounts of money and carbon emissions for this up-and-coming business in Dyersville. In the recorded discussion, you can hear basic tips for running a business more sustainably in a simple manner.
  • (1:01:38) Our CCED Program Manager Joleen Jansen discusses the overall mission of the energy districts in Iowa, along with the amazing success stories of some area businesses. By simply switching their energy sources, these places were able to save incredibly on their energy bills.