400% solar increase since the start of the CCED… help us continue to map it!

Over the summer of 2020, Summer Intern Jake Jansen worked to collect data and quantify the solar of Clayton County. We (the CCED) had an existing virtual solar map in partnership with the Winneshiek Energy District but many more solar sites were installed that were not yet mapped!

Jake used resources such as Google maps, the county assessor map, solar installer websites, and his own eyes by traveling the county to update the solar map. Thanks to his dedicated work, the map went from 20 to 75 points over the summer (a total of about 1,000 KW)*! Each point on the map includes the installer info, year installed, size of the setup, and an image of the solar installation.

*Another 15 installments not mapped because of no permission or conact info– we estimate there were 1,300 KW of residential or business solar in our county (not including utility solar farms) in August 2020!

This update made us realize the amount of solar in our county has QUADRUPLED (increased by 400%) since the start of the CCED in 2015!

This solar map creates a double impact as it also creates a resource for future solar customers. A potential solar customer can go to our map and find people they know to reach out to and learn more, along with find setups they like and contact the installer.

Since this summer, even more solar sites have been installed and we would love your help to get these mapped. If you have installed solar or know someone who has, that is not mapped, we would love to get the installation included so we can share all the clean energy growth of our county. You can add your own solar site or you can have us conveniently add it for you.

Want to map your solar site, yourself?

  1.  Visit the map
  2. Click “Add my system”
  3. Click “Login or setup your account”
  4. Create a new account if you don’t already have one– follow the simple instructions to add your site!
  5. Reach out to CCED Communications Specialist, Ashley Althoff with any questions @ communications@claytoncounty.energydistrict.org

Want help adding your site?

Email, call, or text CCED Communications Specialist, Ashley Althoff

Phone: 563.599.0649 | Email: communications@claytoncounty.energydistrict.org


Virtual Solar Map


The solar growth in Clayton County is needed and exciting! We are proud of our county and ready to continue the expansion of clean energy to, for, and of the people. The Clayton County Energy District remains committed to strengthening our community by positively affecting the local economy by retaining energy dollars, by slowing climate change with the promotion of wise energy-use, and by including everyone.

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