March Virtual Lunch & Learn: 100% Iowa

Missed it? Watch the recording here!

Join us for our March Virtual Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, March 24th at noon, where we will host 100% Iowa representatives to learn more about their mission and impact!

100% Iowa is a project of the Iowa Environmental Council that brings together and empowers Iowans to advocate for 100% clean energy generation. The advantages of the clean energy transition are undeniable; air quality, health benefits, jobs, and economic prosperity.

The Environmental Council is the largest and most comprehensive environmental coalition in Iowa. Their mission is a safe, healthy environment and sustainable future for Iowa. Through education, advocacy, and coalition-building, they raise awareness, generate action, and create large-scale change that makes Iowa a better place to live, work, explore, and enjoy.

Join us and the 100% Iowa representatives to learn more about their mission and impact!



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Iowa is a national leader in wind energy, producing the highest percentage of electricity by wind of any state – 60%.
Every major part of a wind turbine is manufactured in Iowa (blades, towers, and nacelles).
Solar installations are found in all 99 counties, benefitting individuals, businesses, farmers, churches and local governments.
In 2019, solar jobs grew faster in Iowa than in any other Midwest state, at 16.5%. Nationally, solar installers are the third fastest-growing occupation, behind wind technicians and nurses.
Reducing energy waste helps people control their energy costs, helps low-income individuals and families pay their bills, and makes housing safer and more comfortable.
Energy efficiency keeps our air and water clean by preventing burning of dirty fossil fuels.