A Positive Outlook on Clean Energy in our State

Thanks to a poll completed by Iowa Business for Clean Energy, 660 Iowa voters gave evidence to a positive outlook on clean energy in our state.

The main takeaways:

  • 9/10 (90%) of Iowa voters have a favorable opinion of solar energy, and 86% have a favorable view of wind energy.
  • By nearly a 4:1 margin, Iowa voters believe increases in solar energy production will decrease (48%), rather than increase (13%) the cost of their utility bills.
  • More than 8/10 (>84%) say wind and solar are reliable forms of energy, and more than 3/4 (78%) say developing renewable energy in their county is a good thing.
  • Nearly 3/4 (74%) support allowing businesses to generate renewable electricity on their property to sell to electric vehicle (EV) owners.
Iowa voters understand the benefits of clean energy because Iowa is already a leading producer of renewable energy. From increased wages and lower electricity bills to a cleaner environment, Iowans are optimistic about the benefits that more clean energy development will bring.

IBCE Poll Results Executive Summary