5th Grade LED Curriculum and Light Bulb Delivery Impacts 95 Students!

This January, the Clayton County Energy District (CCED), using community and economic development grant funds from the Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative, led a project for ninety-five Clayton County students in four 5th-grade classrooms. Students at Edgewood-Colesburg, Clayton Ridge, and Postville schools participated in the CCED’s first-ever LED/energy efficiency learning session and lightbulb-to-student giveaway.
Before receiving the bulbs, students learned about the benefits of energy efficiency and LED technology.


Members of the Decorah based Winneshiek Energy District’s, Green Iowa Americorps (GIA), developed the three-session educational program. The curriculum enlightens students regarding LED energy-saving technology. The lesson further teaches how community-wide energy efficiency leads to large scale local prosperity and climate stewardship. Participating teachers reported the LED curriculum matches several Iowa Common Core standards, enabling students to further their energy efficiency knowledge and master required science skills.
To “not wait to save,” each classroom collected incandescent and CFL bulbs for recycling, which the CCED gathered upon completing the lesson.
After the students were fully educated and had brought in their light bulbs to be recycled, each student was sent home with (4) complimentary LED light bulbs. 380 LED bulbs were purchased locally and delivered thanks to funding from the Allamakee Clayton Electric Cooperative.