Welcome Our New CCED Board Member: Kathy Koether!

We want to give a warm welcome to our newest Clayton County Energy District Board Member, Kathy Koether!

Kathy is currently the Elementary Principal at MFL MarMac Elementary School in Monona. We are excited to acquire a member from this region as our team can then cover a large demographic of all areas in the county. When asked why she decided to join us, Kathy said:

I decided to join the CCED because I had been receiving the board notes and minutes and found the mission, the vision, and the discussions about how to increase energy efficiency in Clayton County to be an outstanding initiative! I have great respect for the current board members and the expertise that each brings to the conversation. There is much innovation, creativity, problem solving and new knowledge incorporated inthe the discussions. Joleen (CCED Program Manager) provides great leadership!

When asked what Kathy’s largest passions are as far as energy efficiency, Kathy replied:

Clayton County is a gem. It offers a wide variety of opportunities. I am passionate about keeping the county “green” and available for future generations. Anything that we can do as citizens to provide clean energy-using alternative approaches such as solar, or wind energy, or other sources, is something that I support and am passionate about. I am hoping that we can find solutions for making Clayton County an energy efficient district and look for creative approaches for saving the citizens and businesses financial expense by looking at these alternative ways to provide energy.

We are excited to spread more clean energy opportunities with the diversified knowledge of our Clayton County Energy District Board. Welcome, Kathy!