Keep homes from a “tidal wave” of shutoffs! #NoShutOffs

As COVID-19 remains an unprecedented issue, we only want to help in any way we can (and any way we can control and put forth action). Thanks to the No Shutoffs Coalition, Food & Water Action, and Rev. Dallas Conyers from South Carolina Interfaith Power & Light, a letter was organized to send to Congressional leaders to pass a nationwide moratorium on water, power and broadband shutoffs. You can join in too by calling your Senator at 202-609-9041 to demand #NoShutOffs!

Water is a human right, and now, more than ever, we need to guarantee families and communities across the country access in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. As more and more Americans face sickness, unemployment, and eviction, making the decision between buying groceries and paying the utilities bill should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Congress must include a national moratorium in the next relief package.

The sign-on letter signed by over 500 of America’s faith leaders, “calls for a moratorium on water, power, and broadband shutoffs nationwide; a reinstatement of disconnected services; a defined extended grace period to pay off any debts; a waiver of late payment fees; and a forgiveness of all bills for low-wealth households, houses of worship, and other non-profit community centers for the duration of the emergency.” -from Food & Water Watch’s article

We have just one more week to get the Senate to pass this nationwide moratorium in the next COVID package! Help now by sharing this call to action and calling your Senator at 202-609-9041 to demand #NoShutOffs!