Coming Soon: The Free LED Delivery!

In the midst of this pandemic and all the changes it has brought, one thing is still the same; the Energy District is hard at work, safely serving the Clayton County community. Beginning in June, we will be starting our new program, “The Free LED Delivery.” Over the course of the summer, we will be delivering LED light bulbs directly to the homes of Clayton County. Our goal is to give out 1,000 LED’s to 125 houses (8 per household) in each of the northern, central, and southern regions of Clayton County (3,000 bulbs total)! All you will need to do is sign up with your address and then leave 8 non-LED bulbs outside your front door for us to swap them out for FREE! Stay updated on the CCED site and our social media for the official announcement for the online sign up form.


Why do we want you to make the switch??


The CCED has an initiative to put 5,000 LED’s into the light sockets of Clayton County. We are currently at 1,500 and with our current world situation, we want to make sure our goal is still being carried out– safely of course! The district is able to purchase these bulbs thanks to grants received by the Clayton County Foundation for the Future and by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation. With this initiative, the county can save roughly $417,500 over the next 13 years and realize a 4,200 metric ton reduction of carbon emissions! How is this possible? Here is the math:

9 Watt (60 Watt equivalent) LED bulb lasts 13.6 yrs & costs $14.69 operate (lifetime)

The cost to run 60W incandescent (non-energy efficient) bulb for 13.6 yrs = $98.19

The difference = $83.50 savings for lifetime of the LED bulb

5,000 LED’s x $83.50 = $417, 500 savings for Clayton County over 13.6 years!

A simple switch like this can make a HUGE impact and can save yourself, and the local economy, money and energy!