CCED receives an Emergency Response Grant from the Re-Amp Network

Since 2018, the Clayton County Energy District has been a proud member of the RE-AMP Network. The RE-AMP Network consists of over 130 nonprofits and foundations across eight Midwestern states working on climate change and energy policy with the goal to equitably eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest by 2050.

The RE-AMP Network recently offered mini grants from their emergency response fund.  Because of the pandemic, the Clayton County Energy District has not been able to fully implement our strategies to lead & accelerate the local, clean energy transition. Our in-person information and education efforts, as well as our energy auditing services and our fundraising/community events, have been postponed and cancelled. Specifically, the list includes: a countywide 5th grade LED education & swap program, a solar and jazz night in St. Olaf, a Clayton County weather trends/cost of climate crisis lecture, and a community solar education event for municipal utilities. In addition, our planned solar and electric vehicle fairs have been postponed and finally, and most importantly, our energy auditing program is on-hold.

This no-end-in-sight stoppage of the ability to gather crowds and provide auditing services has created a gap in revenue. The decrease in activity will decrease our impact, and this in combination with the depressed economy, will lead to a shortage in raised funds.

RE-AMP understands the dilemma of many network members and stepped in with an all important $5,000 grant! We will be using these grant dollars to float our continued local clean energy programs, advocacy, and market transformation work. Our work targets all 17,000 rural residents of Clayton County, IA. We aim to equitably strengthen our communities at the intersection the clean energy prosperity and climate stewardship. Our efforts benefit farmers, households, the vulnerable, businesses, industries, non-taxable entities, and especially those who need our help the most!

Thank you RE-AMP for this meaningful grant!