Iowa’s Road to 100% Renewable Released!

Information for this article has been taken directly from the Iowa Environmental Council press release.

The Iowa Environmental Council (Iowa’s largest non-profit environmental coalition) recently released the publication of Iowa’s Road to 100% Renewable. This is an analysis of the renewable energy growth needed to reach 100% renewable electricity in Iowa by 2050 and examines the results of twelve recent studies focused on reaching high penetrations of renewable energy in the United States, with several providing breakdowns of what that would mean for renewable energy development in each state.

“With more than 10,000 Megawatts of wind now in Iowa, the state has reached an important threshold by generating more power from wind than from coal in 2019. The state currently has 110 MW of solar, with at least 850 MW more under construction,”

“Wind and solar together provide 11,000 jobs in Iowa along with millions in land lease payments and local property taxes. Renewables are also now cheaper than fossil fuels in most cases. The economic case is there for continuing down this path to 100% renewable energy. We hope this work can provide a road map to envision Iowa as a major national supplier of clean energy in addition to showing leadership within our own borders.”

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