Almost 600 lbs. of Lights Properly Recycled!

The Clayton, Delaware and Jackson County Energy Districts all participated in the Holiday Light Collection! Several drop off locations were available in each county for convenience of the community. The intent of this collection was for the Energy Districts to collect the energy sucking (non-LED) holiday string lights and have them properly recycled.

The community is encouraged to switch to LED. What are the benefits? They will save money and energy, burn at lower temperatures (cool to the touch), last MUCH longer (rated up to 100,000 hours), and they come in both “warm” and “cool” varieties!

In total, all three Energy Districts collected almost 600 pounds of holiday string lights!

Clayton County Energy District = 340 lbs of lights collected!
Delaware County Energy District = 80 lbs. of lights collected!
Jackson County Energy District = 150 lbs. of lights collected!

Plan on getting rid of your holiday lights in the best way this next holiday season!