CCED Gratefully Accepts Grant from the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation

On the evening of Monday, October 28th, the Clayton County Energy District excitedly accepted a grant from the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation. This is a BIG deal for the District as all of the funds will be put directly towards the clean energy transition of our county.

Every year, millions of dollars flow out of Clayton County to pay for energy use. The CCED understands when community members spend less on energy costs, there is more to spend in our communities. The Clayton County Energy District uses “boots on the ground efforts” to provide technical energy planning, and energy efficiency implementation, education and advocacy to cut county-wide energy costs. When local energy prosperity meets climate stewardship, this is “when green meets green.” The CCED’s work is strengthening our communities by paving the way for significant energy savings; creating safer, energy efficient, more comfortable buildings; and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With these funds provided by the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corporation, the Clayton County Energy District can focus on the specifics of their mission. This includes the First Step Home Efficiency Program which provides high quality audits, weatherizations and direct installs and for the Clayton County LED lighting transition. The funds will also be put towards specific learning opportunities to learn about benefiting the local economy and the environment.