Upcoming Bulb Swaps & Our Initiative

The Clayton County Energy District has an initiative to get 5,000 LED bulbs into the community this year. We are endeavoring to replace 5,000 non-energy efficient light bulbs with efficient LED light bulbs thanks in part to a grant from the Clayton County Foundation for the Future.

This LED Transition project means 5,000 energy-hogging incandescent light bulbs will be replaced with 5,000  LED’s. According to the US Department of Energy, LED’s are 85% more efficient and are 25 times longer lasting than incandescent bulbs.

Check out this Math:

Annual energy cost: based on 3 hrs/day of operation x 365 days/yr x 9W = 9855kWh’s @ 11cents/kwH $1.08/yr to operate | 3hrs/day LED’s lifetime 13.6yrs (rated for 15,000 hrs)
13.6yrs x $1.08/yr = $14.69 energy cost/lifetime

Annual energy cost for 60 W Incandescent = $7.22 Incandescent lifetime =.96 yrs (rated at 1000hrs)
The cost to run incandescent bulbs for 13.6yrs = $98.19 energy cost/LED lifetime

$98.19 – $14.69=$83.5 savings for lifetime of the LED bulb

Clayton County Energy District’s 5000 bulb Countywide LED Transition:
5000 LED x $83.50 = $417,500 savings for Clayton County over 13 years
4200 metric ton CO2e reduction = 10.3 Million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

Ready for the Next LED Bulb Swap?

Swap up to 10 incandescents for 10 FREE LEDs!

Catch the Clayton County Energy District this weekend at the Elkader and Guttenberg Farmers’ Markets!

Saturday, August 17th:

Elkader Farmers’ Market | Founders’ Park | 9 am – 12 pm

Guttenberg Farmers’ Market | South River Park Drive | 8 am – 12 pm



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