A “Cutting Edge” Transition

Dave Fulks, a new and motivated business owner of Elkader, recently completed a LED light transition in his archery shop. Fulks swapped all of his florescent lighting for LED!

I was motivated for this project because I wanted to cut costs, save energy and create a better lighting environment in the new space.

Cutting Edge Archery in Elkader is the perfect place for top notch

archery sales and services, which includes an indoor range. The merchandise and range are now perfectly displayed as the LED lighting brightens up the entire space!

Fulks says that he is highly satisfied with his decision to switch to LED and was also happy to receive a 75% rebate from Alliant Energy. The swap was completed by a lighting company in West Union, IA. He plans to complete energy efficiency projects in the near future, such as installing more insulation.

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