Thank you Guttenberg for opening the town to clean & local energy with net metering policy & energy efficiency opportunity

The Clayton County Energy District is very grateful to the City of Guttenberg City Manager, Denise Scheider, Mayor Bill Frommelt , Mayor Pro Tem Virginia Sauegling,  and council members: Fred Schaub, Jane Parker, Mick Pierce & Austin Greve!

The Guttenberg council and administration demonstrated great leadership by tackling a difficult technical issue regarding the Guttenberg Municipal Utility interconnection agreement and net metering policy. The resulting solution, in fair and open fashion, encourages local solar growth, a clean energy economic transformation and climate stewardship. In addition, the newly formed partnership with the Clayton County Energy District to implement a boots on the ground “First Step Home Efficiency Program” in Guttenberg will equitably create access to significant energy savings, especially for the city’s vulnerable population and will reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

This new policy and program will stimulate locally-owned solar energy and encourage energy efficiency. Together a significant “energy prosperity” opportunity has been made for local households, businesses, institutions, and the city as a whole. The truth is we are better when we spend less on our energy bills and wisely consume energy. Energy Districts call it when “green meets green,” or “energy prosperity meets climate stewardship.” Either way this is a win and win for the people of Guttenberg.
Guttenberg is fortunate to have a municipal utility responsive to residents, and acting in the interest of the common good, by facilitating fair access to clean and local energy. This is large scale community building, congratulations!! The Clayton County Energy District is so encouraged by this positive outcome, has greatly enjoyed working with you through this process, and will enjoy shouting the good news from the Clayton County rooftops!
Thank you again, Guttenberg. The Clayton County Energy District is more than fortunate to have your support towards clean and local energy!