New Plan: Due to Winter Weather Energy Efficiency Day will be impacted

Energy Efficiency Lobby Day at the State Capitol will be impacted due to poor driving conditions resulting from today’s winter storm. But our enthusiasm for the local, clean and fair benefits of sound energy efficiency policy should not be curbed! Contact your legislator today. Read on to learn why energy efficiency matters to you and why the growing state-wide coalition for energy efficiency needs your voice.

According to the most recent assessment of energy efficiency potential in Iowa, the actual achievable savings potential with present technology over the next 10 years is roughly 10% of sales. With current Iowa annual sales of electricity and natural gas well over $5 billion, this suggests new savings potential for Iowa customers and local economies of $500 million in the coming decade – NINE REASONS policy-directed, ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs are so good for Iowa communities, economies, institutions, households, farms, and businesses

Yes, last year’s SF2311 gutted Iowa’s rate payer funded energy efficiency programs for the sole benefit of monopoly, investor owned utility companies, but that doesn’t mean our voices should be silenced or we should abandon the cause. Because, we know energy efficiency builds Iowa’s communities, local energy savings contractors, energy conscious residents, business owners, government officials, community leaders, and non profit organizations focused on low cost energy for low income Iowans should join the growing coalition to promote energy efficiency funding should still reach out to our state representatives, to tell them energy efficiency matters.

When we invest in energy efficiency for the benefit of our local economy and the reduction of our carbon footprint we build our community! Why spend more on power, for the benefit of the far away investor owned utility? 

Think about who wins when we reduce our energy consumption? Or, take energy savings measures like install energy efficient HVAC systems, hot water heaters, address air sealing ad insulation issues? Put our buildings through an LED lighting transition?

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