Jenna Pollock

Jenna Pollock is a native of Clayton County and currently serves as the Executive Director for the Clayton County Conservation Board. A 2008 graduate of Valley Community High School of Elgin, Jenna graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from Luther College in Decorah in 2012. Jenna has a deep-rooted love for the natural environment born from her experience in agriculture. Jenna currently lives near Volga on her family farm and assists with raising hogs, cattle, and crops. In her first-year on the Empower Rural Iowa Grow Task Force she’s engaging with a leadership development program to inspire and engage community members for a brighter future for Clayton County. Jenna joined the Clayton County Energy District to learn and help educate others about practices and policies that work to reduce energy consumption, protect the natural environment, and provide economic development opportunities to improve quality of life in her community.