EQUIP Signup deadline is fast approaching

Clayton County farmers interested in cost-share for energy efficiency practices have until October 19th to sign up in at the NRCS office. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) can cover most or all of the cost for an on-site farm energy assessment (Ag Energy Management Plan). It can also cost-share practices such as lighting, insulation, dairy equipment, heaters, ventilation, grain dryers, and more, covering most energy use in facilities.

The Energy District’s energy planner, Joel Zook is a Certified Energy Manager and NRCS Technical Service Provider, eligible to conduct agricultural energy management plans for producers within the EQIP program. For more information on farm energy contact Joel: joel@energydistrict.org, or 563-380-7137. Contact your local NRCS office for EQIP information, and visit the office by mid-October to sign up!

Based on complexity, energy plans can run up to $1000; so cost share maybe a great advantage for Clayton County farmers.  After a plan has been completed by a TSP then farmers can apply for cost share on energy saving projects such as barn renovations, insulation, LED lighting transitions, energy efficient equipment, HVAC systems, grain drying and much more!

In our area, it is estimated over $100 million is spent per year on agricultural energy inputs. One thing is for sure energy efficient practices lead to an expanded bottom line.  Less money spent on energy leads to more dollars to invest in the local economy and a bonus, positive impact on climate change!

Interested applicants should stop in to the NRCS office, in Elkader, by Friday, October 19th.