CCED Legislator Solar Tour

On Friday, March 10th, we had a terrific tour of Clayton County Solar projects, with our state representatives. Thanks Rep Hager, Rep Bergen and Senator Zumbach for taking the time to learn about a growing local clean energy industry.  It was cold but sunny and we all learned a lot about the significance of continuing the Renewable Energy Tax Credits which are kick starting the solar industry in Clayton County. County leaders, joined the legislators on the solar tour and observed solar generation in farm, business and home applications. The goal was to display the local, positive  economic impacts of solar generation. Representatives from the Winneshiek, Clayton and Howard Energy Districts attempted to impress upon the legislators the value of the current “kick-start” clean energy tax credits. These are tax credits which are really helping to boost rural Iowa’s economy, all thanks to free and clean sun power. A special thank you is extended to Daren Bockenstedt – Final Electric, Terry Kerns-Edgewood Locker, Luke Brady – Community Savings Bank, and Mark Collins – Signs and Frames for hosting tour stops at your barn and business.