Next up: Farm Energy Breakfast

The Clayton County Energy District will hold its quarterly, “around the county” Clean Energy Breakfast, on Friday, March 23rd at The Franklin Hotel in Strawberry Point. Anyone who would like to learn more about the LOCAL & CLEAN FARM ENERGY is welcome to attend.

Energy District Farm Energy Planner, Joel Zook

Featured Speaker: Farm Energy Planner, Joel Zook – Joel graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in Architecture and has spent the past six years working in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Topic:  Farm Energy – 
Agriculture is the dominant land use and economic mainstay of our Northeast Iowa counties. Can you believe area farmers spend well over $100 million per year on energy inputs? Major cost categories include: Nitrogen inputs to cropland; electricity and gas usage in livestock facilities such as dairy, hog, and poultry, and in grain drying; and equipment fuels for field operations.
Much of that energy can be saved through efficiency practices, and much more generated right on the farm through renewables. Taking advantage of these opportunities will help the pocketbooks of farmers, contribute greatly to local economies, and reduce our regional contribution to climate change.


When: Friday, March 23rd 8:00 a.m.
Where: The Franklin Hotel, Strawberry Point
Cost: FREE to attend

Bring 4 incandescent light bulbs &
we will swap with 4 FREE LEDs

The Franklin Hotel, Strawberry Point

Please let us know you plan to attend and if if you would like to enjoy a delicious meal below.

    Dec 13, 2019 Clean Energy Breakfast

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